Live Presentations by Mr. Kidder


Mr. Kidder is available to give a presentation on the orphan trains to your school or organization either live or via Skype. He is also willing to do Webinars.

In this presentation, Mr. Kidder brings to light two decades of research and expertise on the orphan trains. Between 1854 and 1929, nearly 250,000 children were transported from New York City to the homes of farm families in almost every state in America, particularly in the Midwest. Kidder tells the story of his paternal grandmother, the late Emily (Reese) Kidder, who rode an orphan train from New York City to the Midwest in 1906. He will read from his aforementioned book on his grandmother, and show many historical and family photographs via PowerPoint. The presentation lasts about one hour and ample time is allowed for a Q & A session and book signing afterwards.

Please utilize the Contact form on this website to inquire about Mr. Kidder’s speaking rates.

Materials supplied by Mr. Kidder:
1. A laptop computer and projector (unless already supplied by the venue).
2. Copies of his orphan train books (Emily’s Story:  The Brave Journey of an Orphan Train Rider, and Orphan Trains and Their Precious Cargo) for sale and signing. The cost of the books are $20.00 ($16.00 for K-12 students).

Materials required by Mr. Kidder for physical appearances:
1. Two electrical outlets with power cords long enough to reach them from the computer and projector.
2. A small table to place the computer and projector on.
3. A screen to project on.
4. A microphone/PA system (I have a backup PA system I’ll bring with as well)
5. A table to display and sign books on.
6. A podium.